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PostSubject: IMPORTANT!!!!!   Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:17 pm

Alright guys, great job on the OBC win. BUT! we have a LOT of work to do.

The main thing is, it has been discussed OVER and fucking OVER again. We are too fucking disorganized when it comes to these matches. Yeah in the end we pull it together, but its bullshit that every match we have to scramble to throw a team together. When it comes to actually playing. we have to stick together and stay organized. theres been too many times that the whole fucking team is talking at once and no one ends up not hearing shit.

"I want 6 people for a 3v3, and 10 for a 5v5" thats what Magic had said. And you know what? Thats EXACTLY what we need to fucking do. because for the past like 4 matches we have come up short and people and needed to fucking scramble to find a 5th or 3rd. Don't get me wrong, we ARE getting better, and congrats on that. But we still have a long way to go. I can't say too much since i am only on thursday to sunday. but STILL the days, I am here, you can find me on steam almost all fucking day. I am here from practice on the weekends, i am on the pub, and i do what i can to contribute. It's not because I am admin, its not because i trying to do better, its because its what we ALL need to do. I have heard "its just a game" but you know what? you choose to be in the scrim team, then it is your obligation to do everything you can to contribute.

As for contacting people, This bullshit with trying to find someone to play is getting REAL old. but no matter what, in the end. Shit happens. SO for those instances I think that we need alternate ways to contact people. Steam friends its always a good spot, but its not 100 percent reliable. I think it would be a good idea that we all posted our cell numbers. So in the event we need someone, we can shoot out a text real quiick to our team and see if there is anyone to jump in.

I think it is a good idea that we have a full clan meeting one of these days weather it be this weekend, next weekend or whenever. but just whenever it is most convienient for everyone. We need to all sit down and figure this shit out. Who exactly wants to be in the Scrim team, is is already in, and when we are going to make desgnated practice days for matches. Let me know what you guys think. this is OUR clan, we need to work together to make this go as smooth as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT!!!!!   Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:01 am

I agree with PancakePanda with everything he is saying. If you enjoy sporting the Ω and enjoy the practices be there if possible. I post prac. times/dates in vent. and as stated you are to join vent. not to just be in to chat but to view whats what. I post info, now I apologize I didn't post todays match info, but I did talk with GT before the match telling him that he would need magic to retrieve this info in twl which is only a 3 minute process, also I had spoke the the ppl the night before asking them if they are available, LOS, GT, Bean was the roster. Now even tho GT called me saying there was no 3rd and it was only LOS/GT I asked if there could be a 3rd, and GT said yes Magic, great when u hop in tell the team u need a Dead Round to go over names and spots and some suggestive pre-game strats that may come in handy. By the looks of the demo you all did great, I mean nothing gave me a sense that you couldn't have done it better by yourselves now yes I have to tweak with some of u a lil bit so you can pick up sounds and determine where players are and call them out so u don't get sideswiped coming into site from "CAT" [on de_season]. Just hop in VENT. see whats up, what needs to be done or helped with. Again great game guys I loved it lets get on with it and get higher together. Read my signature YO!

aka Assassinazn
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